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Survey of education standard in Government schools done by ASER for last 7 years indicates that students in Government schools do not have the desired level of knowledge as per the standards that they are studying in. This though, cannot be justified for any reasons, the problem is further accentuated in subjects like Science, Mathematics and English.

There is no denying the fact that some government schools in the remote areas of the district may not have teachers having background of Mathematics, Science and English but to have this situation in urban areas like Indore district only indicates that either the teachers are not committing themselves for the cause or are not trained enough to impart the lessons given in the syllabus Incidentally, we have several professionals, students and individuals who are very keen to give back to society by way of giving their time and skills for educating students. So while we have dearth of trained and committed manpower to impart education, those who are interested in repaying back to the society are unable to find a platform through which they can contribute.

We are a team of individuals led by Mr. Sanjay Dubey, driven by the dream of educating every citizen of India!

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